Last spot - MBTI® certification course starting 29th of March already!

Dear Coaching and Personal Development supporters. We are happy to announce that MBTI® certification course is coming closer (already 29th - 31th of March) and that it's offering only last spot for last participant! If you are interested, please don't hesitate and call 605 181 484 or email

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MBTI® Certification course Step I. first time in Czech Rep. already 29.3.2017!

Thanks to long years of fruitful cooperation with the rights owner to MBTI®, OPP, we now have the opportunity to organize certification course Step I. for the first time in the Czech Republic, thanks to which you become an official MBTI® Practitioner, which you can then share among others. Raise awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, understand the strengths and weakensses of others and become a unique Practitioner!

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New date of Existential coaching with Alfried Längle

Thanks to huge success of the first workshop with well known psychologist, founder of psychotherapeutical direction of existential analysis, follower of Viktor Frankl whom he worked with closely for several years, Dr. Alfried Längle you are warmly welcome to come to the new date of the workshop from 12th to 14th of June 2017.

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We have become an official distributor of coaching cards Dialoogle®, take a look at the variety of cards HERE and contact us for their delivery.


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added: 17.01.2017

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