About us

Our vision

To be a leader in human development.
In practical terms, this means we will:

  • be innovative in our approach, identify and set trends in human potential development and performance enhancement;
  • effectively apply proven methods/procedures to our clients’ individual circumstances;
  • be a sought-after and preferred partner in performance enhancement and human potential development;
  • recruit the very best colleagues and develop them further;
  • arouse enthusiasm, which will help us introduce effective innovations;
  • ensure necessary company growth through achieving competitive financial results.
Our mission

To help organisations, teams and individuals reach their full potential and fulfil their objectives, in effective ways. Our goal is a satisfied, successful client.

Company history

Coaching Systems was founded in August 2003 in Prague by Robert Demare and Norbert Riethof. Its central aim was to employ an innovative combination of performance training, coaching and typology. Over time, these foundations were incorporated into today’s solution portfolio, which includes components of diagnostics, training programmes and coaching individuals and teams. We work with hundreds of prominent Czech and foreign companies in various sectors including IT, pharmaceuticals , banking, retail, manufacturing, communication technology and advertising. Our training programmes have helped thousands of satisfied participants.


Why to cooperate with us

  • We emphasise a professional approach, client satisfaction and long-term collaboration and partnership.
  • We are aware of process interrelations and create complex solutions for individuals as well as entire teams and organisations.
  • Our solutions are custom-tailored, suited to your needs and always based on an in-depth initial analysis
  • We offer complex services including consulting, diagnostics, training and coaching for both individuals and teams
  • Our individual approach to participants is based on MBTI personality typology.
  • Our training programmes are focused on practice – they include practical skill training in specific situations and are designed to improve participants’ work results immediately after attending the course
  • apart from specialist theoretical knowledge, our consultants also have real-world experience, earned through long-time work in sales, managerial and consulting positions
  • to enhance training effectiveness, we offer follow-up individual and team coaching
  • satisfaction rate in our clients and training programme participants exceeds 95 %
  • we pay attention to your demands, but we will not promise the impossible
  • we prefer „human approach“ and use experience and self-experience based techniques which not only provide entertainment value, but also increase participant awareness and training effectiveness
  • in addition to you, we also develop ourselves, being attentive towards recent trends in training, and our consultants improve their education constantly
  • we are not afraid to measure effectiveness of our work – all our development programmes have clearly defined desired outcomes and goals and we continuously monitor and evaluate their fulfilment