11. 1. 2019 | Preview Session Practitioner 16th of January, 2019

Již pošestnácté otevíráme výcvik koučů Practitioner, který jako jediný v ČR má akreditace od obou největších světových asociací koučování - ICF i EMCC. Nyní nově s možností získání akreditace European Individual Accreditation (EIA) bezprostředně po absolvování výcviku. Začínáme již 29. 1. 2019 s novým lektorským týmem a stále přijímáme přihlášky.

Coaching Systems wins Outstanding European Alliance

Coaching Systems, an owner of the Academy of Coaching Excellence, has captured OPP’s attention for its remarkable commitment and increasing success in using OPP products, mainly MBTI.

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A Flight Plan for Goal Setting

Beginning a coaching session or engagement without a specific goal in sight is like putting a client on a plane with no destination: She ends up going from place to place, unsure of where she’ll land next and running the risk that she doesn’t like where she ends up. This in turn means she might not perceive much value from coaching.

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New Website of the Academy of Coaching Excellence

Coaching Systems is happy to announce that the brand new website of the Academy of Coaching Excellence. Explore it:

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Increase your business influence today

Are you looking for a new challenge or personal transformation? We are launching the 2nd run of the Academy of Coaching Excellence - Practitioner on 26th and 27th November where you can discover new horizons of your personality and acquire essential, transferable skills that are useful in any organization. Register by August 15th to receive the early bird price.

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Weekend Reading for Coaches

The weather forecast for the upcoming weekend is bleak, so we choose articles on coaching and leadership for weekend reading. Some of them are written by our coaches, the rest we found out on the Internet or Linkedin Groups. Have a great weekend!

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Do not wait for 2014 - join the ACE training now

You can still join the training from the 2nd Module on 26th and 27th June. There are a few spots left. We would be very happy to provide you this opportunity and enable you to experience the ACE.

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Systemic Coaching and Constellations with John Whittington.

Academy of Coaching Excellence would like to invite you to the Club Evening EMCC CZECH. The Evening is led by John Whittington and he will be talking about Systemic Coaching and Constellations in Organisational Systems. The Club Evening is free for the participants of the ACE - Practititioner.

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